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Niles Outdoor Rock Speaker 6 Inch (Single) - NoticeTMA

Niles Outdoor Rock Speaker 6 Inch (Single)

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NoFade™ protective paint
Weatherproof design surpasses military standard 883 for corrosion resistance
Designed for extreme environmental conditions and both UV exposure and water resistance
Proprietary 4-layer fiberglass construction makes the cabinet acoustically inert and completely weatherproof
Artistically crafted cabinet with shaped MicroPerf™ aluminum grilles looks natural and realistic
6-1/2" injection-molded TCC (talc, carbon, and ceramic) filled polypropylene cone is extremely rigid to reduce breakup and lower distortion
Butyl rubber cone surround damps resonance and provides exceptional durability
Cone forward design positions drivers close to the grille and ensures intelligible mid-range
1" Tri-laminate Teteron domes with fluid-cooling and ultra-wide dispersion for clear and detailed high-frequencies