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Terms and policies

NoticeTMA terms and policies.


NoticeTMA will provide all materials except Drywall sheets and customer custom choices (tearaway bead, metal corner bead).


NoticeTMA does not haul drywall. All drywall must be in worksite area prior to start date.


NoticeTMA is not responsible for any items left on worksite that may get damaged. NoticeTMA recommends removing all valuables from worksite area prior to work.


NoticeTMA does not perform any demolition unless there is an exception discussed prior to the work beginning.


NoticeTMA will perform a standard 3 coat taping process and sanding unless discussed other wise.


NoticeTMA will request payment at completion. All work will be assumed finished once payment is made.


Customer is responsible for any small touch ups once priming is completed.


NoticeTMA will remove most or all joint compound chunks from the floor.


NoticeTMA will sweep the floors upon completion.

Customer is responsible for mopping floors to remove leftover joint compound marks left on floor. NoticeTMA does not mop floors.